Grass fed beef from high quality grazing tastes great!

Grass Fed Beef

Our grassfed beef is born and raised on native grass pastures with their mothers.  The calves are born in March/April.  The calves stay with their mothers on grass through the summer and are fence-line weaned in the fall.  This means that the mothers and the calves can still see and hear each other but are separated by a fence and the calves cannot nurse.  After a few days they both graze further and further away, and mothers and babies are weaned with less stress. The calves are then vaccinated to prevent disease and moved to wheat pasture, cover crop mix, alfalfa, or native grass mix, where the calves are allowed to forage until finished. We plant cover crops behind fall crops weather permitting.

We process our meat at Krehbiel's Specialty Meats in McPherson, KS.  We have also used B and B Quality Meats in Larned and Burkhart meat products in Kinsley. The most affordable way to buy grassfed beef is to buy in bulk.  If you wish to buy a whole, half, or quarter we can deliver the animal to the nearby locker of your choice.