Jon Roy Kelty, with his wife and seven kids,  and Joel Kelty, with his wife and 3 kids,  farm with their parents in Pawnee County, Kansas near Larned.  They raise wheat, corn, milo, alfalfa, and cattle.  Jon Roy and Joel run the cattle together. The pastured chickens are Ben's hobby and the eggs are Michelle's hobby.

If you've found us, you probably have already researched and know why you want eat grass fed beef. But why do we raise grass fed beef? Long story short, we decided to try grass fed beef for the sake of long term soil health and reducing chemical usage. We wanted to try something different to make our farm work better, and in our research found people talking about pastoral agriculture and integrating crops and livestock. Much of the land we operate is grain crops.  We are trying to transition to managed grazing because adding the cattle back to our crop ground will help promote soil health.

If you are interested in our beef or chicken, you can email [email protected] or call Jon Roy at 620-285-5094 or you can message us on Facebook.